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Author: Sparrow

Download (12,4 MB)


Blue and white Waberer’s Trailer.
All Krone trailer is Waberer’s.

Tested: 1.7.1


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Author: Fred_be

Download (42,24 MB)

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Here is the skin pack Lukoil

 - Iveco Stralis

 - Scania R

 - The tank trailer

 The grille Scania takes the color of the truck

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2013-10-16-Family Nvidia-1s
2013-10-16-Family Nvidia-2s

Author: Fred_be

Nvidia pack:
- 12 trucks
- All trailers
- 1 garage
-1 company
Scania R2008
and other surprises ...
Download (114,76 MB)
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Authors v2: 50keda, shery0, anaheim, SCS, Mattias P and Arnook, mr.poland,
Author v3: KacaK

Download (38,44 MB)

Download (38,44 MB) *

*If it possible can you share download link with ? Thanks.

Changelog v2.0

• 2 New Hella Chromium Lights
• 3 New Hibar For Highline
• 2 New Hibar For Topline
• Custom Sideskrits on 6x4
• Extra Slots on Hibar for Grill Lights
• New Interior Gauges Reflections and Improvements
• 2 New Exhaust for Scania R2008
• Tuning Pack for Scania R2008

Changelog v3.0

• 1000HP Engine Added.
• 2000HP Engine Added.
• 3000HP Engine Added.
• Real Tire Mod Added.
• Realistic Physics Mod v7.0 Added.
• New Black Interior Added.

* If you find a mistake, please inform me.

Tested Versions: 1.3.1, 1.4.1+