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1 ProMods-Scandinavia-Edition-1-5-top-10

 ProMods Scandinavia Edition v. 1.5 

2 Multimod-v1-0-ets2mods

Multimod v 1.0  

3 2013-08-07-scandinavia-best-mods-small

ProMods Scandinavia Edition v 1.0

4 Mega Tuning Mod V4

Mega Tunin Mod V4 

5 2013-12-21-Realistic-Physics-Mod-v8-0-1-best

Realistic Physics Mod v8.0.1
Official Version!

6 Romanian-Map-small-top-10

Romanian Map v 2.0 Final Version 


7 2014-01-23-New Harder Dover - Hannover - Calais Map best

New Harder Dover - Hannover - Calais Map v1.1 

8 Realistic Physics Mod v5.0

 Realistic Physics Mod v5.0 

9 Working-foglights

Working Foglights for ETS2 Trucks

 10 2015-01-11-Realistic-Phisics-Mod-1-7

Realistic Physics Mod v 7.0 Updated for 1.4.1+ 

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Truck Physics v1.3

Credits: nIGhT-SoN

Download (4 KB)

This is a physics mod that I've made and currently using myself.

I felt the cabin of the truck has to little movement so I've made this mod that aims to replicate the real balance of a truck. I hope it's close or similar to the real thing.

For version 1.9.22 of the game.

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KacaKTV Contest


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Original Key & Additional Packs & $20 Paypal Money Giveaway!

Hello everyone!
First I want to thank all of you for your support on KacaKTV in the last 6 months. Thanks to you, KacaKTV is growing and expanding more and more. So, in return to your support on KacaKTV, I decided to arrange a small contest. This is the first time I'm making a contest, but it won't be the last. I'll try to send you gifts with new contests often. And of course I'll keep on making mods. Join and try your luck.

▷ Prizes:
• Euro Truck Simulator 2 Steam Key
• Halloween Paint Jobs Pack Key
• Going East Key
• $20 Paypal Money

▷ How to join the contest:
• Watch This Video
• Like This Video
• Leave A Comment
• Add it to your favorite list.
• Subscribe to KacaKTV
• Like My Facebook Page!

▷ When Will It Be Announced:
• The winner will be announced on 1st of December, 2013
• The prize will be given to the winner within 1 week.
• I will announce the winner on my Facebook Fan Page!

• One of those who do what is written above completely will have all these prizes. The winner will be chosen through the is written above completely will have all these prizes. The winner will be chosen through the comments.

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Master Truck Opole 2014










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