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Trailer: Nabil
Converting standalone Matdom1988
Skin: Matdom1988, MattV8Power, Fred_be

Download (11,9 MB)

The pack includes 8 trailers Coolliner

- Trailers Oldenburger, Geranco, SDM, Ronny Ceusters, Le Calvez, J.Stam Transport,
Berbee new and old.
Tested in version 1.10.x
Compatible with all packs trailers.


Credits: DANZ

Download (49,33 MB) *(wait a few second and then click 'Skip ad' on the top corner and download a file)

Version: 1.10.1


Credits: Da Modza Customs, Smith Engineering, ZilpZalp, SCS

Download (31,7 MB) *(wait a few second and then click 'Skip ad' on the top corner and download a file)

Descriptrion of the mod:

Cab options:
- Low Cab
- Normal cabin
- Normal cab Highline Airkit (New)
- Highline without Airkit (New)
- Highline Highline standard Airkit
- Highline Topline with Airkit (New)
- Topline

Chassis options:
- 4 × 2
- 6 × 2
- 6 × 2
- 6 × 4

Engine options:
- Deeper V8 bumper, chrome trim and the V8 style headlights (new) (available only on V8 engines)
- Normal bumper, non-chrome trim and standard headlights (new) available only on V8 engines)
- Redesigned V8 sideskirt for 4 × 2 and 6 times the chassis - there is currently no standard for sideskirt 6x chassis

Various changes:
- Redesigned DRL in the headlights and fog lights, adding a (new)
- LED taillights (NEW) (Author: ZilpZalp)
- To Lightbox Topline Cab - textures can be found in / vehicle / truck / upgrade / decals / scania_streamline /

Known issues:
- Metallic colors do not work 100 percent
- Stocks paintjobs do not work
- B_Grill Some accessories are not correctly displayed with the V8 bumper
- New template (new location airkit a bumper)