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Author: SCS Software


What's new in this update:

- World of Trucks site launched
- Photo Studio - includes Photo-mode and Screenshot Manager allowing upload
of your best screenshots to World of Trucks
- Online profiles - ability to connect your profile to your World of Trucks  account
- New Iveco Stralis Hi-Way sounds recorded from actual truck
- Individual air-horn sounds
- Realistic fuel consumption option
- Adaptive automatic transmission option
- Shorter jobs generation probability increased
- License plate changes fixed
- (1.6.1) Fixed crash when a truck uses addons from removed mods
- (1.6.1) Increased length of input in UI related to World of Trucks accounts



Download (8,59 KB)


This Mod unlocks all Hookup-Addons (Lights, Horns etc.) on Level 0
and it allowes the Player to place all Light-Tuning-Parts everywhere.
E.g. you can place little Light-Marks on Roof- and Front-Grill, as well
as you can place beacons on Front- and Bottom-Grill, and you can
place big Light-Marks on the Bottom-Grill.

Mod works with all Trucks.