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2013-11-17-Waberer's Volvo FH16-1s

Author: Sparrow

Download (53 KB)

Waberer's skin for new Volvo, all cabin.
Tested: 1.7.1



Author: Sparrow

Download (42,4 MB)


Pack of Hungarian Defence Logistics Supply Center.

Pack includes:
Every truck, every cab suited to the size camouflage painting.
Companies in this game and the MH was a corps of the name, logo, icon and PDAs .
The trailers in the receiving corps logo of visible stains , tailored outfit .
The choice of company logos MH, I have selected eight corps .

BCP : HDF Joint Force Command - Desert Digital
Euroacres : MH 12 Arrabona Air Defense Missile Regiment - Green U.S. (Vietnam)
Eurogoodies : MH 25 Klapka György Infantry - Desert Digital MARPAT
FCP : MH 34 Bercsényi László Special Operations Battalion - U.S. Navy digital
ITCC : MH 5 Bocskai István Infantry Brigade - Woodland Digital MARPAT
Kaarfor : MH 93 Pet?fi Sándor  Chemical Defense Battalion
LKWLOG:  MH Medical Center - U.S. woodland
Nbfc : MH 54 Veszprém Radar Regiment - ACU Digital
Posped : MH 86 Szolnok Helicopter Base - Desert Multicam
SanBuilders : MH 37 II . Rákóczi Ferenc Engineering Regiment
Sell Plan : MH 43 Nagysándor József News and Command Support Regiment
Stokes : HDF Peace Support Training Centre - Woodland Multicam 1
Tradeaux : MH Air Command and Control Center - Woodland Multicam 2
Trameri : UN - UN
Transinet :  MH Hazardous Material Supply Centre - ACU Digital
Tree –ET:  MH Görgei Artúr NBC Information Center
WGCC : HDF Geoinformation Service – Woodland
(MH = Hungarian Defense Force)

This is my first Work, if you find error, pls comment or send e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.