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2014-01-08-Paradise v1-1s
2014-01-08-Paradise v1-2s
2014-01-08-Paradise v1-3s

Credits: svd

Download (1,2 GB)

Paradise v.1.x for and TSM 4.5.4a :

Paradise v.1.x Add-on tested and works with all Versions of ETS 2
1.4.8 TO, TSM 4.1.2 to 4.5.4a, DLC East and all other Maps.

The MOD gives New look for the game.

This is my Gift for all Children.

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Credits: tasos978

Download (274 MB)

Mega Tuning Mod V4! Includes a lot modifications for every truck in game so you can customize it in your own taste!
Every mod is in separate file so you can add/remove. Credits to all original authors for their respective work.
Tested in version with no crashes/or errors.

PS: I removed Volvo FH 2012 Megastore cabin’s because they didn’t work after 1.7 version,so they are useless.