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Credits: Made by nIGhT-SoN

Download Gray (3,7 MB)

Download Creme (3,7 MB)


Remade interior from scratch, using mostly vectors. It took more than 35h to finish it and more than 1000 photoshop layers. Check screenshots!
PS: On IMGUR click on the gear in the right top corner and select View Fullsize for a better viewing of screenshots.

Changes v2.1

- UK version included
- new screw, better quality and no more light from it at night (*from what I know screws don't emit light)
- new cigarette lighter, made from scratch
- new, remade symbols for buttons in the middle of dashboard
- new symbols and background for gear changing button (R N D)
- new interior roof light made from scratch
- removed lighting of mobile phone. The phone in real life doesn't light up when you turn on lights on your truck
- fixed round button from door to have a better feeling of depth
- fixed lighting on emergency button (it was too bright)
- fixed lighting on door buttons (it had too low intensity compared to the rest of button lights)
- fixed lighting on green/blue/red zone of tachometer (they were too bright)
- fixed lighting on CD Player
- fixed lighting on Trip Recorder

More screenshots


Credits: nIGhT-SoN

Download (1,7 MB)

Changelog v2.0

Totally remade. Interior is made from scratch, every button every symbol on it, it took me more than 30h of work to finish it, but the end result is stunning! The project in the end had more than 1000 layers. Keep in mind that it's all hand made with vectors, only some symbols are made with a pencil. Now it also has a better resolution, double. I've put a lot of work into it. Check pictures for comparison. Since it's a big change I've jumped from v1.1 to v2.0.