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Author: le roch loic

Download (13,33 KB)

Works on all version of ETS2.

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Author: DieseL [Yusuf B.]

Download (680,73 KB)

Download (680,73 KB) *

* If it possible can you share download link with ? Thanks.

Changelog v1.0

• Red Dashed Line
• White Dashed Line
• Yellow Dashed Line
• Yellow Straight Line

Changelog v2.0

•Updated for 1.4.1+
•Updated for 1.5.2+

* If you find a mistake, please inform me.

Tested Versions: 1.3.1, 1.4.1+, 1.5.2+

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Author: Faizaan Talha

Download (18,51 MB)


Its a mod for those who like me have cheated their money and want
more fuel consumption in order to feel more need of fuel. It took me
only 5 minutes to make this mod but this is my first mod and i require
some respect. ENJOY!!!!!

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Author: SCS Software


What's new in this update:

- Minimum requirement for Going East! DLC


- Truck interiors appropriate for selected cabin type
- Several new cars in the AI traffic
- Lot of map tweaks especially in German/Poland area


- Improved upgrade shop (addons and wheels handling, interiors) - you may encounter unexpected changes when shop is fixing your truck state
- Fixed pedestrians disappearing
- Fixed driver logs
- Polished automatic gearbox logic
- Consumption gauge and air pressure screen on Scania dashboard
- Hazard warning made independent of blinkers


- Steering sensitivity slider range increased (both directions)
- Steering non-linearity properly used with mouse
- Added rumble stripe sound check-box so that it's possible to switch it off