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Credits: DAF is 50Keda DAF XF v1.0 skin by Nick Portegies & Freddy Jimmink
Tralier skin by Jan Lichtendahl aka "The Dutch Trio"

Download (15,03 MB)



Holland companies

remi beckers
marco echtwaar
Stephan Beekmans
Author: KingRsir
Orlando Heijkoop
Jan Lichtendahl
aaron janssen
Jeffrey Kats

Trailer credits:
Author: satan19990
Convert v 2.0 to stand alone by LPhoenix
Krone & Schmitz trailers by Nordish and Boramjaym65

Download (108,1 MB)

Trailer Mod Pack v3.0- Added new oversize trailer and cargo:
*) Big tank
*) Double tank
*) Drill rig
*) House
*) Wind blades
- Added new trailer Fruehauf (by KawaKKS, PaveelLTM, convert & edit by satan19990)
- Added new kogel trailer flat bed and cargo:
*) Empty trailer
*) Military equipment
*) Panels
- I change cargo curbs on spools and pallets in the trailer Krone
- Other small fixes in models

Changes in v2.7
- Added new cargo for flat bed trailer - yacht
- Fixed wrong wheel in Narko trailer
- Fixed error with Jumbo trailer, now will be show up on job offer
- Wheel Fix included, now you dont need this

Changes in v2.6
- Fixed errors with wrong wheel index on v1.9.X

Changes in v2.5
- All trailers are stand alone now
- Changes in Kogel MAXX
- Added Narko trailer (by NeLLeS, convert & edit by satan19990)
- Added Krone trailer for logs (by Adix, convert & edit by satan19990)
- Added Krone flatbed with 3 cargos
- Added Bodex trailer
- Added Schmitz refrigerated
- Added Pezzaioli trailer
- Added Jumbo trailer (by Ventures, convert & edit by satan19990)
- Added container schmitz trailer (20, 2x20, 40ft, model by Kamil, texture & edit by satan19990)
- Added cement mixer (scs)
- Added open top trailer (scs)
- New skins for Krone, Schmitz and other trailers

Changes in v2.0
Overweight trailer:
- M1A2 Abrams tank
- Loco
- Combine-harvester Krone
- MAN trucks
- Case tractors
Flat bed trailer:
- Tires
- Agricultural equipment
- Jet engines
- Boat
- Bricks
Edited "fuel cistern" trailer
New trailer replacing "food cistern" trailer
New trailer replacing "chemical cistern" trailer
New trailer Kogel MAXX replacing Aero trailer
Edited glass trailer
Edited log trailer
Edited gooseneck trailer
Added skins for other trailers
Edited name of cargo and mass

There are more companies


Trailer by TZ Express
Skin by Fred_be

Download (33,4 MB)

Pack P&O Garage Custom - Trailer Profiliner - Mercedes Actros
Tested version
The trailer is standalone