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2014-01-13-No Damage Mod-1s
2014-01-13-No Damage Mod-2s

Download (10 KB)

The older mod, re-tested and working on patch. Download ETS2 No Damage mod by KisCsigä.

Take no damage to your truck when hitting other cars and objects.

2014-01-13-FC Slovan Combo-1s
2014-01-13-FC Slovan Combo-2s

Credits: stewowe

Download (11,22 MB)

Schmitz trailer, Scania R700 & Volvo FH16 2012 slovak football club skin.

2014-01-13-Trailers and cargo pack-1s
2014-01-13-Trailers and cargo pack-2s
2014-01-13-Trailers and cargo pack-3s
2014-01-13-Trailers and cargo pack-4s

Credits: Jazzycat

Download (247,4 MB)

Trailers and cargo pack v2.1.1 + add-on with new companies

Pack adds 158 new cargos and about 1000 skins for default trailers.

All standalone.

Works on default map+DLC, TSM Map 4.5.x, ProMods 1.52, Poland

Rebuilding, Simones Map 4

Tested on

NEW! Included add-on with new companies(TEST VERSION).
Add-on adds in game 8 new companies (10 new bases/unloading places) in
Berlin, Frankfurt, Liege, Manchester, Stuttgart and Calais.
Works only on TSM Map 4.5.x and ProMods 1.52

For TSM Map 4.5.x get in the mod folder files(below map):

For ProMods 1.52 get in the mod folder files(below map):

ATTENTION! Quick jobs don’t work in new companies! With your own truck everything is working properly.