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2014-01-12-Scania 50Keda R 2008 Holland Style-1s
2014-01-12-Scania 50Keda R 2008 Holland Style-2s
2014-01-12-Scania 50Keda R 2008 Holland Style-3s
2014-01-12-Scania 50Keda R 2008 Holland Style-4s
2014-01-12-Scania 50Keda R 2008 Holland Style-5s

Credits: 50Keda, Punisher, GT-Mike, CommodoreOne and more, Skins by Freddy Jimmink with thanks to Fred_BE i reworked his Jens Bode

Download (49,50 MB)

3 skinslots separate available 
New template with skinable backbumper and backrack included
You may distribute it freely on Your website and/or facebook page


Author: Punisher, 50keda, SheryO, Ruskov, Anaheim, Mr. Poland, SCS, Robertas

Download (55,7 MB)

Here you go guys V2 with interior (ONLY LHD)
Works on v1.8.2.5
For the people that were complaining on the first release, PLEASE READ THE README FOR THE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE IT!
2 things so you can make up your mind if you want to download it or not:
-The interior is not by me, All I did was edit definitions so it works for my 164 and add AO to it.
-It has 2 main bugs which I cannot fix, one being the wipers work, but they do not wash away the rain, and the second is that I couldn’t get the GPS to work so if there are any modders out there willing to fix these problems and re-release then go ahead and make sure to give credits. Enjoy!

Version game: 1.8.2,,,

2014-01-12-Map RPM-1s
2014-01-12-Map RPM-2s

Credits: Julien

Download (79,3 MB)

Adding a physical terrain near the Channel Tunnel in the UK, dangerous access! See also the file Read_Me for more information! (translated into 5 languages!)

2014-01-12-X-Brutal Environment v1.6-1s

Credits: Stewen

Download (89,9 MB)

Brutal Environment HD engine for ETS2.
Sucess testing ETS2 & TSM 4.5.3
Let’s Play