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2014-01-26-Volvo F10 Globetrotter-1s
2014-01-26-Volvo F10 Globetrotter-2s
2014-01-26-Volvo F10 Globetrotter-3s
2014-01-26-Volvo F10 Globetrotter-4s

Author: Stas556
Skin by: Freddy Jimmink
Truck is stand alone and replaces Volvo_7
It has own interior and sound

Download (41,98 MB)

2014-01-26-Volvo F 10 van den Bosch-1s
2014-01-26-Volvo F 10 van den Bosch-2s
2014-01-26-Volvo F 10 van den Bosch-3s

Maker Stas556
Skin by Freddy H. Jimmink (made by hand)
Replaces Volvo_7
Wheels Tcab, repaint by Freddy H. Jimmink

Download (45,27 MB)

2014-01-26-DAF XF Tandem VGI-1s
2014-01-26-DAF XF Tandem VGI-2s

Credit: Flemming Vinge, SCS and Blender (Blender's 50keda with plugin), Skin by Fred_be

Download (50 MB)