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2014-01-10-Owens-Logistics-Paintjob-Pack-v1-8 1-1s

Credits: BIG T, SCS Software

Download (5,2 MB)

The Pack is an update of my old OWENS_ Paintjobs_Pack

After Ryan Davies’s request

In the Pack there is:

The paintjobs for my old pack:
DAF Blue paintjob
Iveco Blue paintjob
Iveco White paintjob
MAN Blue paintjob
MAN White paintjob
Renault premium White paintjob
Scania Blue paintjob
Volvo Blue paintjob
Volvo White paintjob

The new paintjobs is:
Mercedes White paintjob
Renault premium White TATA STEEL paintjob
Volvo low cabin Blue (wide logo in the front) paintjob
Old Owens paintjob for volvo low cabin
Old Owens paintjob for volvo high cabin

OWENS lightbox mod:
added the Owens Lightbox in a SCS file alone, so people can choose if they want the Lightbox in their game or not..

If you want the Lightbox: You active the scsfiles “OWENS_Lightbox v1.8 (Big T)” together with “OWENS_Paintjobs v1.8 (Big T)”
If you want only the Paintjobs: You acive only the SCS file “OWENS_Paintjobs v1.8 (Big T)”

My old OWENS Pack:

If you have my old OWENS Pack: You just remove it.. all the paintjobs from the old pack is also in the new v1.8 Pack.



Download (41,5 MB)

32 edited terrain texture.
All trees texture edited, no more list.
Edited grasses textures. 

2014-01-08-Caterpillar C15 sound for the Kenworth T660-1s

Credits: Kriechbaum

Download (7,9 MB)

Here’s an alternative sound for the T660.
It comes from a real Cat C15 @550hp.
Turbo is loud, like in reality
It’s possible to lower it by editing the def .sii file.


2014-01-08-Wielton M2 trailer-1s
2014-01-08-Wielton M2 trailer-2s

Credits: Koristo, błażej123

Download (24,1 MB)

New Wielton trailer. Replace krone cooliner.