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Volvo seater PX 9400 or sleeper PX 9700 grand DBMX Gray and Blue euro asia

Fix All Bugs and Smoothly Run 1.32 or 1.33 and Higher Version. This Bus get Volvo dealership two bus
Volvo seater 9400 and Volvo sleeper 9700 model, Volvo 9400 & 9700 model BDMX Mods, Gray Skin and Blue Skin name of euro Asia
Volvo px bus euro Asia bus skin grey and blue. New Skin texture and Fix All bus Supported and test
version 1.33 and 1.34 patch,

- Door Animation
- DLC Accessories
- New Texture Mods
- ReDesign for ets2 1.33
- Fix all bugs
- three Steering Wheel
- Volvo Special Skin
- Fixes Physics
- Front Glass Texture
- Improve Light's Fare

Support DLC for New Patch file euro truck simulator 2

Please Download to Original Link