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This is SKS V3 Reworked version. Recently, this mod was updated for Bangladeshi version. There are many changes in this update. See the full video and notice all changes.

New Features:
1. Innovative (K360, K410), Man body, RN8 body added.
2. RN8, Man interior added.
3. New seats added (Innovative Scania, Man SKS).
4. New 35 skins added.
5. Equip and go system added.
6. Man, Hino, Scania logo added in back and front.
7. New foglamps added (Hella Comet).
8. AO Texture revamped.
9. Metallic Skins added.
10. RN8, Man Steering wheel added.

Author: Ridh Wan

Edit: Cobra Brinta