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Download Interior/Exterior Reworks MEGAPack v1.7 (503 MB)

Changelog for v.1.7:
- Added support for newly added Volvo VNL:
improved interior materials (added better textures, changed material settings, created missing normal maps);
improved some existing interior parts and rebaked ambient occlusion;
added many new animations: 1800 degreees steering wheel animation, pedals animation, gear stick animation, beacon button animation, climate control animations, gps screen animation;
completely redone dashboard backlight;
added working interior lighting (activated by O button by default);
added support for SISL`s accessories;
added possibility to buy and install Cobra cb-radio, IFTA and CCI sticker, new license plates fro all US states.

-This mod greatly improves interiors and exteriors textures and materials for all default trucks;
- Added missing glass in front of dash panels;
- Added HD external interior models;
- Added IFTA, CCI and various cabin and chassis emblems for all trucks;
- Added missing different animated automatic and manual gear shifters for all vanilla trucks;
- Added animated steering wheel columns for all vanilla trucks;
- Added animated throttle/brake pedals for all trucks*;
- Added possibility to select interiors with automatic or with manual gear shifters;
- Added animation for interior light switch\beacon and 4way flasher for all vanilla trucks;
- Added ignition keys animation for for Peterbilt 579/Kenworth W900/T680 trucks;
- Added new gauges for exclusive interior of Kenworth T680;
- Added engine startup signature Paccar "melody" for all vanilla trucks;
- Added new high quality license plates for all 50 states with possibilty to create own license plate number;
- Added AeroCab badge for Kenworth W900;
- Added 1800 degree steering wheel rotation animation for all vanilla trucks;
- Added interior working interior lamps for for all vanilla trucks;
- Added possibility to enable/disable onboard GPS;
- Added new animations for integrated navigation displays\-Добавлена новая анимация во встроенные экраны навигаторов;
- Added possibility to install Cobra 29LTD cb radio (available with different front panel themes and backlight colors) with animated cord;
- Tweaked interior cameras for increased view angles;
- Added proper dashboard backlight for all trucks;
- Added possibility to choose interiors with MPH or KMH speedometers;
- Added new windshield wipers modes;
- Added compatibility with SISL`s accessories megapack for all vanilla trucks;
- Improved lightmasks for all vanilla trucks;
- Other small improvements.

*pedals animation will NOT work if in controls settings transmission type was set as Simple Automatic!!!

Mod was tested on ver. 1.32.x. Not tested with previous versions!

Credits: AlexeyP, Slider_556, SCS Software