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Author: Mod developed by ScuL81 & 116808apd

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Download (release 8-8 midnight CET)

This version of the ProMods pack adds Scandinavia (in the broadest sense of the word) to the standard ETS2 Europe map.
The included countries are Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Expansions of the territory into the Baltic and future countries are planned.

In total 30 cities have been added. There have been no changes to the game economy.
Anonymous SCS beta-tester: "When driving around you don't get the feeling that this is not SCS."

Important: Our mod is compatible with versions v1.4.x - We strongly recommend using v1.4.8
Our mod should technically be compatible with the upcoming "Going East" DLC.
Our mod is NOT compatible with other 3rd party map mods.
It should not be necessary to start a new profile, existing SCS profiles will automatically get updated, your current mission interrupted and your truck moved back to its home garage.