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This is Creative Zone Tracking Map V1.3.
This is a standalone map of Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.36.
There are mostly 1:1 narrow roads.
There are also hilly road and forest off road which is so beautiful.
There is also some 2:2 road of highway.
Distance of this map is 1500+.
This map is based on Trucking.
The roads are so much realistic.
There is also some risky road and the vehicle turning on the road are too much hard.
All adventure lovers can use this map.

Supported Version: 1.36 & 1.37 [Not Tested]
DLC Required : Road to Black Sea
Note : Profile Included.

Do not re-upload it.
Hopefully you guys will like it and appreciate my work.
Please make sure to share the video if you wish to share the map for 1.36 & always support me for videos similar to this one!

Map Review:

Map Credit: MD Shahid Ahammad [Bangladesh]

Convertor : Solmon Alice [Bangladesh]