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This is a review of "Map of Bangladesh".
It is a realistic map of Bangladesh.
It is fully a new map and this is now beta version.
Now there are some city you can see in this video but you will get all city of Bangladesh in full version of this map.
In this map, You will find a detailed Dhaka city that is just an awesome work but a bug is there one road is locked but I think author will fix it.
Chittagong-Dhaka-Panchagarh route available right now. Next you will find probably full bd map. There are all highway hotels in Chittagong and Rangpur routes thats road side view is simmilar to real but rangpur is more. Map of Bangladesh 2nd beta is just an excellent update hopefully it will be more upgraded very soon. At last it is an optimized and detailed map. You will find a well environment in it.

Hopefully You guys enjoy it very much and give thanks to the map artist who gives a lot of time on it.

Supported Version: 1.36 & 1.37

You need all DLC for playing it.

Credits: Jahidul Alam Akash