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Map Changes:
Denmark: Vesterø Havn
Germany: Soltau
Moldova: Chişinǎu
Ukraine: Поляниця (Polyanytsya)
UK (England): Improved: Birmingham
UK (Scotland): Balivanich, Lochboisdale

- Added connection between German BAB14 and BAB4
- Rebuild of German B71
- 5 new routes for the Special Transport DLC
General: Many bug fixes and tweaks versus 2.50

You must own the Going East! DLC, the Scandinavian DLC, the Vive La France! DLC , Italia DLC, Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC as well as the Road to the Black Sea DLC in order for ProMods to work.

There is also a file testing tool for those who are struggling with the multi-part 7-zip archives. You can find the tool on the download page and the archive contains some instructions if you need them.