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New cities: Apatity, Kingisepp, Penza partially implemented.
The expansion of St. Petersburg was continued (the Almaz-Antey concern was added, with the inclusion in the logistics of the game).
At the request of the author (10avoid), and also considering that the Rusmap team was engaged in full adaptation and decoupling from the South region, the SZM addon was included in the map.
At least until the release of the DLS "Heart of Russia", it will be part of Rusmap (well, then we'll see))))
Fixed bugs in the previous version.
Many other changes (continued cleaning of archives from obsolete assets with transfer to updated ones, or replacing them with default ones).
Full adaptation for patch 1.43.

Please keep the original download links, respect the author's work!

Map authors:
aldim @ tor (Dmitry)
Sergey061, Schura774 - support and development of the project.
dimon_26, author of the north geohotin, new models and rebuilding St. Petersburg

Game version: 1.41.x + DLC Going East! + DLC Scandinavia + DLC "Beyond the Baltic Sea" + DLC "Italia" + DLC "Vive la France" + DLC "Road to the Black Sea" + DLC "Iberia"

I express my deep gratitude to Sergey061, schura774, dimon_26, geohotin for supporting the project in difficult times, adaptation and further development.

1. Unpack the archive to your desktop!
2. Run the installer and wait until the installation is complete
3. Start the game and enable mods in the profile settings!