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Author: KacaK

Download Realistic Physics Mod v7.0 | Updated for 1.4.1+

Without Speed Limiter(180km/h) (217,1 KB)
With Speed Limiter(90km/h) (5,57 KB)
Updated for New Version (1.4.1+) (217,14 KB)

Changelog v7.0 New Update! 1.4.1+

• Updated for 1.4.1+
• You can enable / disable speed limit manually

Changelog v7.0

• Physics settings have been entered more realistic for all trucks.
• Cabin's inside shake has been set more realistic.
• Braking power is back to its original regulation.
• Gearbox settings of v1.4.1 were made.
• There isn't any new gearbox option. Default game gearbox is used.
• Phsysic settings for asphalt, sand roads etc. are now in their most suitable occasion.
• Driving is more realistic now in rainy and sunny weather.
• You can use it with which chassis you want. (4x2, 6x2, 6x4 8x4 etc..)
• The gearbox settings weren't touched. They are the original ones.
• This mod just changes the suspension settings.

* If you find a mistake, please inform me.