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Realistic Traffic 6.5 For Euro Truck Simulator 2 V.1.39.XX

Mod update.

Please, do not upload the mod to another server, respect the author's original link.

- Complete mod instructions in Spanish, English, German, Russian and Polish.
- Compatible with Drive Safely (Sound Fixes Pack) modifications and Cip.
- If you use Sound Fixes Pack, you have to put Sound Fixes Pack on top of this mod.
- Place this mod on top of maps or AI traffic mods.
- The mod, contains the base game traffic + added traffic.
- Compatible with all maps and all dlc's in the game.
- Compatible with all AI traffic mods-packs. by Jazzycat and TrafficManiac.
- Compatibility with Sound Fixed Pack of Drive Safely.

You can find the DriveSafely modifications on the Official SCS page.

Changes in V 6.5:

- Update all the .pmd files of IA vehicles in this version.
- Completely eliminated tractors from traffic.
- Decrease of Marco Polo double-decker buses in general traffic.
- Vehicles added to the mod:
- Volswagen Transporter T6. (2 versions, simple and with caravan).
- Renault 21
- Renault 12
- Zaz 968M
- Ebro F350
- Complete list of AI Vehicles added to mod:
Bmw e66 Citroen BX, Citroen C4, Citroen 2Cv, Citroen Gs,Citroen Sm, Citroen Zx, Dacia 1300, Dumont 47, Ebro F350, Fiat Regata Mare, Ford Escort, Ford Fiesta, Ford Sierra, Mazda CX3, Opel Corsa, Peugeot 205, Quad Kvadro, Renault 5, Renault 9, Renault Scenic, Renault 11, Renault 12, Renault 18, Renault 21, Talbolt Horizon, Taxi Ford Crown Victoria, Toyota Land Cruiser, Tractor, Volkswagen Beetle 63, Volkswagen Golf, Volswagen Transporter T6 Customized, Volvo XC70, Volvo XC70 with Skin Race, Yamaha Wolverine X2, Zaz 968M.Mitsubishi Fuso (3 different Chassis),Busscar Panoramico dd 6x2 (6 Skins), Marco Polo Paradiso G6 1800 6x2 (10 Skins),Marco Polo 1800 8x4 (17 Skins), Laz 699, Ikarus 250, Ikarus 255 (12 Skins),Temsa Opalín (50 Skins)

File Weight: 477.6 Mb

Credits. Sounds: Cipinho, kriechbaum, Drive SafelyModels: Scs, AlexGold, Jazzycat, pete379jp, TrafficManiac.
Testers: Cupido, Alejandro R35

Author: Rockeropasiempre