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D.B Creation's "AI Traffic Mod" for ETS 2 1.39 8.7.8 - 04.11.2020

Hello, we the D.B Creation Dev Team present you one of our traffic mods that changes the traffic volume and behavior.
In the past 3 years we have won 4 awards in the "AI Coding" & "Traffic" categories.
On our homepage we have a community that includes more than 3000 fans.
With us everything revolves around the AI traffic in ETS 2.
So visit us on our homepage and let yourself be inspired by the variety of our traffic mods.
On the homepage we offer the mods as "Free Mods" and "Pay Mods".
Be part of our community and join us.

Compatible with: ProMods, RusMap, Jazzycat Packs & NaturaLux Mods.

This Mod includes:
– Improved AI Trailer swiveling in curves
– Realstic Traffic Intensity on all Roads based at real Intensity on Europe Roads (thanks to bast “Federal Highway Research Institute”)
– Rush Hour included – 8am & 4pm
– Higher distance of Traffic Spawn & remove
– Improved AI safety parameter
– Different turn signal times
– Different speeds for all vehicles
– Improved AI speeds in different weather conditions
– New Traffic Lights Circles
– Improved accident recovery
– Improved overtaking parameters
– Included our own AI Behavior

D.B Creation Dev Team Germany

Managing Director:
D. Banduch
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
VAT number: DE321424762

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Creative Commons Attribution – Noncommercial – No Derivative 4.0 International License.

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