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Legendary 50k-addons v2.8 for 1.39.x game version.
50k-addons for all trucks.

- Updapte for 1.39
- Added new slots for lights
- Fixed few bugs

- Update for 1.38.

- Added support for NextGen SCANIA 8×4.
- Fixed paintable bars uv mapping to better work with skins.
- Adapted to version 1.31.

- Tweaked slots for horns (rotate a bit up, so horns do not intersect cabin)
- Added orange Hella LED Marker light.

- Roof grills with only slots for NextGen SCANIA S.
- Added slots for lolipops on mirrors for NextGen SCANIA S.
- Added extra slots for beacons.

- Kelsa VisorBars for NextGen SCANIA S.
- Kelsa HiBars for NextGen SCANIA S.
- Hella LED Marker Light (White) fixed.
- Light Board for NextGen SCANIA S.
- SUPER Logo comeback.

Credits: 50keda