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Add-on map for Promods - Poland Rebuilding v2.5.3 fix1 (1.43.x)

Poland Rebuilding is a mod that transforms boring Polish territories into more interesting, real and challenging ones. In addition to expanding the road network, it offers many new interesting cities, towns and villages to which and from which you can take orders for transportation.
The main feature of version 2.5.x is the update as well as the reworking of Western Pomerania. In addition, we took the opportunity to introduce a new way to work with sounds - the map has new sound effects in updated or rebuilt areas.
To work, you need the Promods 2.60 map and all DLC maps.
In the mod manager, place above the Promods.

Fixed problem with displaying the port name "New Port" ("@gdansk@")
Fixed an issue with red textures on the back of some signs.
Fixed crashes in the city of Kielce.
Fixed crashes in the city of Zamosc.
Fixed crashes in the city of Bielsko-Biala.

For game version 1.43.x

Authors: DIESIRAE, GrakuPL, Michaleczeq, Djdarklighter, Sebavr6, Jakczo, DamianSVW, Merivox

Unpack the archive to your desktop
- Run the exe installer and wait for the automatic installation to finish;
- Now you can start the game, and in the profile settings you must enable the mod itself -