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The mod it is compatible with American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 and works on every version of the game.
You don't need to update it every version change.

If you are looking for a mod that will allow you to carry out orders without a trailer using any vehicle or truck, you have come to the right place.
This mod allows you to purchase an invisible trailer without collisions and perform orders on the Job Market and External Market with any vehicle or truck.

How to use:
- Place the file in your mod directory.
- Mod priority is optional in list order.
- Enjoy and play with the invisible trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Where is the invisible trailer?
- You can purchase the invisible trailer at the Trailer Dealer.

It is available from level 5 and costs €2,600.
2. Which truck does the invisible trailer fit?
- The invisible trailer fits any truck in the game and should work with any vehicle or bus that can attach a trailer.
3. Does the trailer have upgrades?
- No, the trailer does not have any modification options.
4. Does the trailer have a collision?
- No, the trailer does not have a collision, but AI traffic stops when the trailer is not attached.
5. I can't connect the trailer to the truck, what should I do?
- Go to the garage in the city where the trailer is located and connect the trailer to your car or truck from the Main Menu.
6. I took a job from the Job Market or External Market, but I can't load in the loading zone, what should I do?
- Skip loading with the Enter key when you arrive. If you don't get the message, check your game settings.
7. I have arrived at the delivery location, I cannot park, what should I do?
- Always choose "Safe Parking" with an invisible trailer or skip parking.
8. What is the maximum load capacity of the trailer?
- The invisible trailer was created mainly for modifying delivery vehicles, so the weight is realistic and amounts to a maximum of 1,300 kg.

9. Why aren't there heavier jobs available for the invisible trailer?
- The mod was created with realism in mind and wants to avoid situations where it is impossible to transport a Renault Clio or another small car with heavy loads of several tons.
10. Can LPG or fuel be transported using an invisible trailer?
- No, you can't and I don't plan to add it. The invisible trailer is like a curtain and orders are tailored to this type.

Credits: Enerv