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Scania inline 6 sound mod for the NextGen Scanias for ETS2 V1.39.
Compatible with SCS' NG trucks and also compatible with Eugenes Scania Rework Mod.
You have to choose a non-V8-engine for the sound to work!

- completely new engine sound, built from sound samples by SCS and Kriechbaum
- all realistic stick and switch sounds recorded by me in RL
- real air-gear and air-brake sounds
- real blinker sounds
- real low-air-pressure sound
- real wipers sound

Changelog for V2.1:
- added compatibility for 1.39
- changed and reworked some sound files
- sound and mixing overall improved
- sound got more realistic
- bass and sound under load got reworked
- a few other small changes I can´t remember anymore

Max2712, Kriechbaum