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Credits: RJL (Fordsonmies), GT-Mike, Kriechbaum, P4r4n01d

Download (198,7 MB)

- The Metallic Paint Mod of Henki is already inserted. These are 10 metallic finishes
Sound is original Scania if the optional is not used.

What's New?:
- Wheel for all Chassi no lift from 6x4.
- Only this even larger tank for the really big tour, copied in real trucks from the United States.
- AdBlue tank adapted.
- More weight on the front axle (traction wheel and steer better in curves at full load).
- Driver's seat can be adjusted further back (EU and UK)
- 3-speed wiper switch Animation ok.
- (Not exaggerated) for heavy-duty and in winter, when blank 2 powerful engines loads heavy pull. 730 hp rich bask completely. These engines replace dc16_500 and dc16_560.
- 2 new gear - 18 + 2 and 6-speed
- Tandem axle trailer with added (6x6 and larger tank)
- The trailer (trailer zzzzzTandem) are so adapted that is to get in almost every city freight and works with normal tractor trailers together (with Trailermod's).
- Tip: at Tandem use the straight tubes (Highpipe) behind the cab.
V8 Sound for Scania R / Streamline T