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ETS2 1.27.x.x + DLC Scandinavia/DLC France

Krone Jumbo Curtainside 4 Axel Version 10.0 08.03.2017

New V10.0
- ets2 1.27.x.x ready
- 2 Variants of Liftaxle
- ready for DLC France
- 16 new Skins
- with Advanced Trailer Coupling
- krone jumbo in ai traffic

Krone Jumbo Curtainside 4 Axel with Two lift axes
39 Skins distributed in all Companies
- Trailer comes in all companie
- each company has its own skin
- now two Cargo (Jumbo comes more)
- all lights are on light_mask

Converted to ETS2 by Roadhunter
Wheels by Ventyres converted and adapted by Roadhunter
Mudflaps by Roadhunter
Mark lightning by Zilpzalp
BPW, MTU, Totem, Mercedes, Kahl, Wolf, Airbus, Boeing, DynoMAX, DHL, Audi, Kübler, Airfrance, Harley skins by Gordon Gekko
Hambrecht Skin by SchwarzLich
JCB Skin by mann400

Cargo: "Krone 4Achsen Jumbo" weight 24 tons

Original from GTS/ATS

Author: ????
Assembling & new convert: Mr_Zer
Wheels: assembling Mr_Zer