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Download (154 MB)

AI ETS2 Global Trailers Rckps 1.3 For 1.38.XX

Mod update.
Please do not upload the mod to another server. Respect the original author's work and link. Thank you.

Add new textures for trailers that appear in traffic.
180 different paintings.
Logos of different companies, which add 141 Global companies.
Textures for closed box trailers, canvas, short and long fuel tanker.

Download the scs file.

Delete the old version of this mod, and replace it with the new one.

If you use any mods of traffic management, put "AI_ETS2_Global_Trailers_Rckps_1.3.scs" just below.

Activate it and play.

List of companies added:
ABB, APL Logistic, Absolut Vodka, Acrena, Adidas, Aiciondo, Air Truck Sea, Airbus, Algevasa Logistic, Almacenes Avelino, Almiramar, American Petroleum, Amoco, Ancap, Aquarius, Ariston, Asus, Auchan, Azkar Group, BP, BabyTrans, Balconi, Basf, Bashneft, Bayer, Beefeater, Bimbo, Boerman Transport, Bridgestone, C. Vreugdenhil, Campsa, Canpinar, Cemb Ahen, Cepsa, Ceran Transport, Chevron, Coca Cola, Continental, Dachser, Dako, Dixan, E Lclerc, Easy Jet, Eco, Eomega Pilzno, Esso, Exxon Mobil, FamilyMart, Fanta, Fedex, Firestone, Foster Farms, GLS, Galp, Gazprom, Genebrando Castro, Grup Ambort, Guinnes, Gulf, HAKULL, HCS, Hamburg Süd, Hermanos Robledo, Hess, Hipercor, Hispaniola, Hitachi, I&P, Iberia, Ikea, JBL, Janocargo, Jägermeifter, Kapycevb, Kfc, Klotz, Kluber, Komenka, Kool Trans, Kraft, Kroger, LKW Walter, Lanjatrans, Lloyds of ludlow ltd., Logitrans, Lukoil, Mahou, Mazda, Media Markt, Mestrans, Milka, Nabek, Nacex, Nippon Express, Nissan, Norbert Dentressangle, Oscar Mayer, PDVSA, Pascual, Pemex, Petro China, Petrobras, Petrocat, Pharma & Contents, Pollock Scotrans LTD, Puma, Quevedo, Ramco, Reb Lobster, Repsol, Resir, STB Cargo, Scandifresh, Segurola, Seven Eleven, Shell, Siotrans, Skynet, Spedition Höhner, Statoil, Subaru, Sunoco, Suzuki, Svensk KvigExport, TSB, Texaco, Thermo Transit, Tomas Arrieta, Total, Trans-Avellá, TransMoya, TransNoriega, TransReyes, Transmoro, Transport genel, Transportes Illán, Unocal 76, Valero, Varta, Viuda de Tadeo Juan, William Lawsons.

Changes in 1.3:
- Updated all files to 1.38
- Corrected the necessary sui files.
- Added 46 Companies.

- Added 80 New Textures:
- 30 Textures for short tank.
- 30 Textures for long tank.
- 20 Textures for canvas trailers (Tauliner).

File size: 154 Mb.

Credits: Textures: Fredy, Pinkfloyds, The Nuvolari, taka, Lobomorunga, Rockeropasiempre.

Testers: Cupido, Saquer, Chuzo, Salsambo, TurcoTron.

Author: Rockeropasiempre