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Changelog for v.1.6
- Many improvements over truck, interior and tuning parts models – fixed geometry, rebaked textures and shadows, improved textures and lightmasks;
- Added new tuning parts and new options for existing tuning parts:
- Fixed errors in definition files;
- Fixed uv-maps for custom chassis templates;
- added ability to install factory or aftermarket DRL lamps;
- added ability to install different (round/square/round universal/square universal) tail lamps on the custom chassis back bumper;
- added ability to place antennae on the mirrors;
- added ability to place leds on the cab roof spoiler holder and cab spoilers;
- added ability to place lightboxes on the comfort cab;
- added adjustable rolling sun protection screen;
- added custom roof slots for all cabins;
- added different electronic components to install: different car audios, gps, daf telematics device, external camera device, cb-radio, bluetooth devices;
- added different interior tuning parts: bed/engine/dashboard/steering wheel/doors/seats covers; cushions with blankets on the sleepers, different side and bed curtains;
- added external extinguisher to install on the cab back;
- added led mirror part to be installed on the interior back wall;
- added mirrors protection tuning part;
- added new tuning options for windows deflectors (rain guards);
- added stoneguards;
- added two roofracks to be placed on the comfort cab;
- added various internal lightsigns;
- added walking camera for the interior movement;
- changed geometry of front bumper spoiler;
- changed visuals of exclusive plus interiors;
- fifth wheel model and collisions boxes were moved a bit backward;
- improved sun protective filters textures;
- imroved front headlights, fog lights, taillights;
- increased the size of air cond top part;
- interior lamps will lit after pressing the L key;
- rebaked chassis, chassis parts and fuel tanks textures;
- rebaked custom chassis shadows;
- rebaked shadows for cab back air intakes, spoiler holders, roof horns and roof hatchs;
- new catwalks models;
- improved front radiator grill;
- reworked side and bed curtains models;
- reworked some front/side/main mirrors materials;
- some other changes, which i forgot about…

Credits: AlexeyP, Kriechbaum, 50Keda, MrCapital, Snoman, SCS Software