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"I present to you a pack of high-quality KAMAZ trucks for ETS2 version 1.41 and higher."

Recent changes for trucks:
Added a new KAMAZ 4410 off-road and trailer NefAZ 9334 to boot.:)
KAMAZ 5410 [Modified Oq37] fixed the color of the arrows on the panel of devices, now they're red.:)
KAMAZ 5410 [Modified Oq37] in the interior, now you can choose the color steering braid.:)
Fixed a bug with the installation of various accessories to the instrument panel.:)
Fixed defect (the white spoiler) KAMAZ 5410HQ, the conflict was from KAMAZ 5410 [Modified Oq37].:)
Added some accessories to the interior.:)
Added transmissions for the transportation of oversized and oversized cargo.:) (For an Amateur)
Added FMOD sounds of KAMAZ, CAT-3116 and CAT-3408 engines.:)
Added FMOD sounds for the retarder and for the gearbox.:)
Highway trucks are registered in a new way in dextop and the company.:)

Recent changes for trailers:
Fixed a general bug with trailers ZAP-9340 (Side and Awning), KZAP-9370 (Timber-Pipe carrier) and ZAP-9905 (Container ship).:)
Fixed a bug loading cargo on the trailer ZAP-9340 Board, which was loaded by half.:)
Trailer SZAP-9340 (Board and Awning) - fully standalone, is in the dealers modifications *SZAP*.:)
Added Trailer SZAP-9905 (Container) - a fully Autonomous, is in the dealers modifications *SZAP*.:)
Cleaned the log from the trailers and they will be quietly working on version ETS2: 1.41.xx and above.:)

Last test on ETS2 version: s

Authorship: Oleg Davydov[oq37], JAWA, Stas556, dmitry68, Mishanka, _69_mf_.

Adaptations, corrections and additions: MaxX_Agent.
Registration of FMOD Sounds: MaxX_Agent.
Update from: MaxX_Agent.

(The mod is compiled into the auto installer! Unpack and run the Installer!)