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KRAZ 255-258 (1963-1967)

Autonomous, does not replace anything, a modification of KRAZ and IVECO is bought from dealers.
KrAZ-255 has 2 chassis 6x6, 2 tandem chassis 6x6.
KrAZ-258 has 2 chassis 6x4.
Fuel tanks are now 850 to 1200 liters by default.
There is a new inventory in the interior and a bonus from STIM.
Own wheels + added dirty.
Spiral cables with physics.
Own new camera.
There is no advanced hitch with standard trailers.
Support for cameras for VR glasses - such as Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest 2.
Cabin template KrAZ 255-258 for creating skins
8 kinds of engine sounds in FMOD format.

Last changes:

- 3D model conversion
- converting animation to a new format
- support for multiplayer game with CONVOY mode.
- cabin template for skins.
- improved view in the interior for rusty skins from the author MaxX_Agent. (Author: AJIEHA.)
- added window animation, works only in the interior.
(Author: AJIEHA.)
- a set of steering wheels is now an accessory. (Author: AJIEHA.)

For version 1.43.x

Author: KORAL
Authors FMOD Sounds: SerialBlack and XBS
Adaptation for 1.43: AJIEHA
Window and steering wheel animation: AJIEHA
Envelope 3D: MaxX_Agent
Skins: MaxX_Agent

Unpack the archive to your desktop
- Run the exe installer and wait for the automatic installation to finish;
- Now you can start the game, and in the profile settings you must enable the mod itself -