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Changes in current version
- Now dashboard displays the gear mode - "AUTO" or "MANU"
- Added custom license plate
- Added american type of cables for trailer
- Added Renault front wheel hub
- Now you can change head lamps (halogen/xenon)

Put the file into your "mod" folder.

For tandems (optional)
Put the file from "BDF" folder into your "mod" folder. You can buy these trailers through TEDIT.

For American Truck Simulator
Put all files from "For American Truck Simulator" folder into your "mod" folder.

Helpful information
- If after beacon name there is a "Low beam" sign, then this beacon turned on with low beam.
- For connoisseurs of realism was added 1800 degree steering wheel in interior animation. You can uncomment it in files def\vehicle\truck\renault.magnum\interior\animations*.sui.