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This is a remake of a default Scania R & S Series by SCS Software with new stuff added, such as new chassis, sideskirts, roof spoilers.
Truck replaces default Scania R & S series, also trucks in quick jobs are modded, both EU and UK
Showroom models are new aswell
Full list of changes in 1.0.

- Every chassis has a new variant with different fuel tanks and battery box placement
- All cahssis are now devided to V8 and L6 variants (only difference is exhaust system)
- 2 New 6x2 chassis with single-tyre tag axle (Long and Short)

- New Euro-5 engines: 380, 440, 620 hp

- New sideskirts
- New variants of rear fenders
- New variant of rear bumpers
- New licence plate holders, plus custom licence plate variant
- New sunshields
- Removable roof Spoiler, new variants of Spoilers
- Removable/Paintable ACC radar
- New side-panels
- Different small stuff added (V8 Next Generation badge, a couple of hanging toys inside cab, new rear mudflaps)

Base 3D model: SCS Software
Remake: Eugene