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What is new in this update:


- Power/air lines between truck and trailer(s)
- More realistic mirror rendering (head position-based FOV)
- Random road events
- 8x4 Scania R and S truck chassis
- New routes for Special Transport DLC missions (Steam)
- Mighty Griffin DLC aftermarket tuning parts for next-gen Scania S & R (Steam)


- Job selection screens have new filter and cargo search elements
- Parking brake automatically ON after truck spawn (g_park_brake_init)
- Screenshot name format now based on date and time
- Increased precision trip data (dashboard computer display)
- Fixed torque converter locking
- Fixed damaged predefined trucks in dealers and quick jobs
- Fixed trailer damage reporting
- Fixed HDR interpolation
- UK trailers no longer have a different license plate from the lorry
- Faster gear shifting for new Opticruise transmissions
- Fixed/updated license plates in various countries (Belgian, Norwegian, Polish, Czech)