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Credits: Grimes

Download (906,9 MB)

This mod simulates winter.

Key Features:
- Frosty winter weather and environment
- Frosty roads, vegetation and rooftops
- Snow/Sleet instead of rain
- Winter daylight hours and temperatures
- Random cloudy, misty and sunny weather
- Old vegetation types replaced by new ones across maps
- Addons Pack in download*
- *Addons Pack in download contains:
- Snowy Landscape - Provides snow covered terrain with less grass
- Snowy Roads - Provides snowy/sleety looking roads
- Physics - Makes the raods a little more slippy
- Hungary Map fix - For use with Hungary Map
- Works with Promods, TSM, MHA, Rus Map and others, compatible with all map DLCs.
- Place Frosty above Realistic Buildlng Lights mod.
- Place Frosty above Drive Safely's Sound Fixes Pack to remove summer sounds like insect noises.

Compatibility Latest Version: 1.27

Changes in v6.3

- Updated for 1.27
- New weather system with random cloudy. misty and sunny weather
- Heavy Winter separated into 3 different mods

- Frosty is a weather and graphics mod so other weather, HDR and environmental graphics mods should be disabled.
- Frosty should be given a HIGH priority in Mod Manager.

Recommended Settings
- HDR: Enabled
- Color Correction: Enabled
- Vegetation Detail: High
- Grass Density: High

- Extract scs files from RAR and place in Mod Manager.