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This mod makes improvements to the summer weather/environment and replaces older textures with high-res versions.

Key Features:
- Improved vegetation across maps
- Old road, vegetation, grass, terrain and other textures replaced with higher res versions.
- Improved vegetation variation
- More flowery vegetation added
- Weather & lighting improvements
- HDR Bloom Reduced
- Improved rain & wheel spray

Works with Promods, TSM, Rus Map, MHA, and others.
- Works with all map DLC’s

Compatibility latest version: 1.35

Changes in v3.1:
- Updated for 1.35
- Vegetation improvements
- Grass improvements
- Improved road textures
- More high res textures added

Recommended settings:
- HDR: Enabled
- Vegetation Detail: High
- Grass Density: High

- Please disable other graphics, weather and HDR mods or you may experience issues, conflicts and crashes.
- If you are using Next-Gen only use the base part of that mod.

- New Summer should be given a high priority in Mod Manager.

Credits: Grimes