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Credits: Capital - Tandem chassis, Ohaha - Base truck, Flemming V - Tandem base, 50keda - Shadows

Download (30,7 MB)

This mod comes with five tandem chassis for the DAF XF Euro6 by Ohaha. All chassis has the same tuning options as the original chassis. It also has several different side skirts exclusively for the tandem chassis, both painted and plastic variants and a custom version for the 6x-chassis.
• 4x2 Tandem
• 6x2 Tandem Rear stear
• 6x2 Tandem Rear stear Taglift
• 6x4 Tandem
• 6x2 Tandem Taglift

Available tandem boxes are the same as in Flemming V's BDF Tandem Truck Pack.
The boxes uses the same skins as Flemming V's pack so they are easy to skin.