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- Removed bad placed collision for all Volvo Chassis, it was only intended for 10x4 chassis.
- Added number plate on 2 axle tandem trailer.
- Added another more nice texture to drawbar on all tandem trailers.
- Added 10x4 Chassis. (yes it is unrealistic, but I had a massive request on it).
- Added 10x4 Coolliner Cargo Box.
- Adjusted Diffuse on all trailer, both Tandem and Dolly trailers.
- Adjusted Diffuse on all Truck Cargo Boxes.
- Adjusted cargo weight from Dollies to Trailer alone.
- Adjusted weight of empty dolly trailers to more realistic weight. (too light before).
- All Tandem trailers are updated with 50Keda's Texture upgrade.
- All Truck Cargo Boxes are updated with 50Keda's Texture upgrade.
- All Tandem trailer floor texture is changed, improved.
- All LOD Trailers, Tandem and Dollies has been updated as well with everything.
- Corrected double text in all my texture files.
- Raised all tandem trailers 10cm to match Truck Cargo Box height.
- Raised all dolly and tandem trailers rear lights and bumber.
- Removed Krone variant in all trailers. Both dolly and tandem trailers in pack.

Updates by 50Keda:
- newly made fakeshadow planes and re-baked textures for both dollys and all three coolliners
- reduced polycount on dollys for around 10k + reduced polycount on coolliners for around 6k
- reduced used materials (10-15 less draw calls) + 3 textures less for each trailer (not using profiliner, universal and rama2 anymore),
- fixed weird normals (fridge was especially bad),
- new casing for lights (black part around them, just to get rid of 2k texture which was broken anyway),
- fixed UVs + vertex color on chassis + removed some badly mapped faces
- added "proper" alpha to so finally not whole trailer is shining like crazy
- tweaked fridge unit on in to have less "baked lighting" in it and to better match to the rest of the box
- darken texture on dolly to properly match rest of the trailer

Second link: Trailer pack

Flemming V, 50Keda