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Rebuilt Czech Republic project

This map rebuilds and adds cities, roads, junctions, bridges, settlements, etc. in the Czech Republic and the

Mod features:
The western part of the Prague ring road, as well as some sections of national roads 3 and 6 leading from Prague Changed old companies to new ones
Some preparations were made to extend road 27 from the Plzen-Bora junction with the D5 motorway to the bridge
Added vegetation on road 3 from the junction with the D1 motorway to Benesov
Two new towns - Benesov and Vlasim
Part of the D1 motorway was changed from exit 21 to 49 km, where a new intersection was built to enter Vlasim
New picturesque town - Dolni Dvoříšte with improved border crossing due to real situation
Roads B125, B3 and B310 around East Linz from Linz-Steireggerbrücke to Dolní
Dvořiste have been changed and the dangerous intersection rebuilt
Requires Going East DLC, Scandinavia, France, Italy, Baltic and Black Sea
Not compatible with Promods and Mhapro

Version 0.5 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v.41.x):
Same as v0.511 1.41 compatibility
By ItzHonzula (The mod is compiled into the auto installer! Unpack and run the Installer!)