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Territories of severe Siberia. At the moment, a very decent space has already been implemented, through which you can carry goods.

Detailed study of the area
Custom objects
Building on panoramas and satellite images
Correct substrate and docking of the card.
Compatible with RusMap, SouthernRegion, VolgaMap maps
All DLC maps are required to work.
Installation order: put the card below all other cards.
The card can work offline! To run offline, create a separate profile, in the Mods tab add the mod's installation files in .scs format, in the module tab select siburmap.mdb.

added territories and cities of Bashkiria (Salavat, Sterlitamak, Ufa (airport area)
added territories of the Kurgan region and the city of Kurgan

Map author: Valery 10AVOID

Object author: Denis DENLOG, Victoria VIC
Technical support: Mitriy124, Roman KZ_09, Artyom Polynsky (SimKA), Sanya Ribka