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Map of Kazakhstan Project Great Steppe v2.0 fix (1.43.x)
The modification contains a decent piece of Kazakhstan and part of Russia. All this organically connects with the Rusmap map. If for some reason RusMap is not installed, then you can install it separately. Then the map will work autonomously.

Map Features:
Flat terrain, uplands, steppes, deserts, semi-deserts
Well-worn roads in places
Sparsely populated areas and long distances.
Police cars in traffic, new models

+5 AQTT Aktobe time
Uralsk, Atyrau, Inderborsky, Dossor, Makat, Kulsary, Aktobe, Kobda, Alga, Kandyagash, Temir, Shubarkuduk, Mukur, Aktau, Mangistau, Zhanaozen, Shetpe, Beyneu, Say Otes, Khromtau, Karabutak, Ershov (Russia)
Kostanay region: Kostanay, Rudny, Zatobolsk-Tobyl, Lisakovsk, Tobol, Karabalyk
New roads:
R-94, R-103, A-27, A-28, A-29, A-340, M-32, E-38, E-40, A-33, E-121, R-114, R- 1, A-22, R-38, R-277, M-36

Changes: unofficial update - all fixes and corrections at the moment are installed in the map (01/21/2021)

For game version 1.43.x

Author: 09_KZ

Unpack the archive to your desktop
- Run the exe installer and wait for the automatic installation to finish;
- Now you can start the game, and in the profile settings you must enable the mod itself -