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This is a major update.

Map Changes:
- Critical bug fixes versus 2.65
- Germany: Integration of new SCS area
- UK (England): Heysham rebuilt
- France: Mâcon
- Ireland: Wexford (rebuilt), added M9 motorway (M7-Carlow), N80 road (Carlow-Enniscorthy)
- Estonia: Haapsalu, Kärdla, Rakvere, added T5 road
- Lithuania: KK122 road
- Hungary: M3 highway rebuilt
- Romania: Sebeș, Sibiu, Tulcea, added roads DN1 (Sebeș-Brașov), A1 (Hunedoara-Sibiu), A10 (Sebeș), DN22 (Constanța-Tulcea), DEx8 (Tulcea-Brăila Bridge)
- Improvements in Estonia, France and Romania

You must own the Going East! DLC, the Scandinavian DLC, the Vive La France! DLC , Italia DLC, Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC, Road to the Black Sea DLC as well as the Iberia DLC in order for ProMods to work.

If you wish to use the new SCS Convoy Multiplayer mode, all players must have the same def file. In order to play ProMods in SCS Convoy, all players must replace their custom def file with this def file from the Steam Workshop.

There is also a file testing tool for those who are struggling with the multi-part 7-zip archives. You can find the tool on the download page and the archive contains some instructions if you need them.

Please ensure you have the latest version of 7-Zip installed. It can be found on