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Odsłony: 819

Download (18 MB)

Edition: Steam

Game Version: Latest

Trainer Language: English

Number of Functions: 7

Trainer Creation Date: 08/09/2021

Numpad 0: No Damage - no damage
Numpad 1: Inf. Fuel - unlimited. fuel
Numpad 2: No Fatigue - no fatigue
Numpad 3: +50.000 Money - money +50.000
Numpad 4: Get 10 Skillpoints - get 10 points of improvement
Numpad 5: +20.000 Exp. - add +20.000
Numpad 6: Air Brake System Max Pressure - maximum pressure in the pneumatic brake system

1.Unzip the archive, run the installer!
2.If the game is not installed in the standard folder, specify the path

Start the trainer first, then the game.

During games, press the keys indicated in the trainer.

Help button next to the cross