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Download Kamaz 5410-5511-4310-53212 1.32.x (278 MB)

Changes log:
- Removed some old files!
- Some were rewritten because of errors!
- Fixed errors camera
- Fixed errors lighting and lightmask
- Fixed errors in «DLC Cabin Accessories»!
- Fixed bugs in all types of chassis + some cabins!
- Fixed correct display of hydraulics at the tipper!
- New engines and transmissions
- Fixed errors in the wheels
- The your real sound - KAMAZ.
- Fixed in companies and galleries trucks!
- Buy in dealerships - VOLVO.
- Fully independent model!
- Good optimization and high FPS in the game!
- Test on versions: 1.30.xx -
- Author: M@X_1996.
- Adaptations and fixes: Kamazist_1980.