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Odsłony: 3946

Author model: jgut-, Adaptation: Vovangt4, Юрий Шитов, Parameters engines, gearbox, chassis and tested: Tornado

Download (27,9 MB)

Renault Magnum Heavy Transport 6x4, 8x4 & 10x4

Adapted for transportation of overweight truck Renault Magnum 6x2, 6x4, 8x4 & 10x4.
Mods work with patch 1.26

Changes and additions:
- Added real tuning engines:
-- DXi13 440 Euro5 ECU (523 h.p. 2450 N*m)
-- DXi13 440 Euro5 ECU M (575 h.p. 2818 N*m)
-- DXi13 460 Euro5 ECU M (608 h.p. 3220 N*m)
-- DXi13 480 Euro5 ECU (572 h.p. 2640 N*m)
-- DXi13 480 Euro5 ECU M (629 h.p. 3036 N*m)
-- DXi13 500 Euro5 ECU (615 h.p. 3000 N*m)
-- DXi13 500 Euro5 ECU M (668 h.p. 3450 N*m)
-- DXi13 480 Euro5 ECU T (582 h.p. 5333 N*m)
- Added real gearbox ATO2612D, ZF 16 S 2230 TD and ZF 16 S 2530 TO
- Added branded headlights "Renault"
- Added support for all available in version 1.26 DLC (skins);
- Added the skin with a flag of Ukraine and camouflage skins;

Parameters of engines and gearbox correspond to real.
Chassis options realistic as far as it allows the game engine.
Maximum trailer weight - 60, 90, 120 and 200 tons.
Patency of the steepest climbs with a maximum mass of trailer:
For version 1.26: Alexandria "+", Hebira "+", Patra "+-", Calabria "-"

The archive contains a supplement addons to the trailers from Jazzycat which increased the mass of more than 100 cargoes.
The main modes you can download on the website of the author (Jazzycat).
Tested on 1.26
Map: TSM
As in the description of this mod is not a word mentioned about the ban on the changes, as well as the publication of modified versions of this mod, I
believe that copyright is not infringed.