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Mod for SCANIA DC13 Engine & SCANIA DC16 V8 Engine.

Description and instructions:
Augmented and adapted version of the sound.
The mod adds new realistic sounds for the DC13 and DC16 V8 engine.
The sounds of tires, the sound of wind, the sounds of all the switches and sticks.
The mod is suitable for Scania
Scania.r - Engines: DC13.06.360.E5, DC13.05.400.E5, DC13.10.440.E5, DC13.109.440.E6, DC13.07.480.E5, DC13.110.480.E6, DC16.21.730.E5 EEV.V8
scania.r2016 - Engine: DC16.107.730.E6 V8
scania.s2016 - Engine: DC16.107.730.E6 V8
scania.streamline - Engines: DC13.114.360.Euro5, DC13.116.370.E6, DC13.113.400.E5, DC13.115.410.E6, DC13.112.440.E5, DC13.109.440.E6, DC13.124.450.E6, DC13.111.480.E5, DC13.110.480.E6, DC13.125.490.E6, DC16.103.730.E6 V8
Compatible with game version 1.39.x & 1.40.x

MIBATOMIC & Kriechbaum