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Download (86 MB)

Standalone Mercedes Actros MP2
- Found on mercedes dealer
- 8 Chassis Options
- full customizable
- truck proper interior (the mp2 interior is very similar to mp3 so you maybe don't see many changes there)
- proper sound v6 and v8
- SISL megapack compatible
- DLC cabin accesories Ready
- Working Cables
- And much more!!

Tested and working 1.32.x and up

Important!!! tandem add-on is not mandatory, so download only if you want a tandem truck mp2.
- if you are going to install the tandem addon you need:
- Hard chassis for MB MP3 by Capital
- Tandem add-on by Kast

Changelog 3.1:
- fixed collision damage with trailer krone.
- fixed missing textures.
- added slots for lights on grill.
- added white variants for sitickers on the cab.

- Cabin Convert to ETS2: Nick Gaykov,reworked and fixed by ValheinXL.
- Piva Dashboard mod inside!.
- Chassis and interior from SCS reworked by me.
- Template, rigid chassis and uv map by Capital.
- Tandem addon by kast.
- SouthGamer for PX and Tenna PX. Sound by Leen, Kriechbaum, and ValheinXL.
- Signs by tobrago.
- Gauges by R3ap3