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Download New Actros Valhein Edit 1.32.x (69 MB)

- Tandem
- 4x2 Lowdeck chassis
- 8x4 reworked chassis
- Full customizable
- Original interior
- Original sound
- And many more

Note: The light box is customizable in the rar you have a mod archive called "New_Actros_Lightbox.scs" inside that mod archive you have the template and a info.txt

this is a rework and is a replacement version for that reason this need the base scs MP4 files, so it's not compatible with any other mp4 rework or mod that changes defs or pmg's.
You can use any other mod that adds things to mp4 like SISl megapack, skins , sound mods etc. without any problems.

Credits: ValheinXL (edit), Alexyp(interior & exterior HD textures), Davidzoli (8x4 upgrades, spoiler, and chrome parts), Fred_Be (kelsa skin), MDModding (kelsa lobar and minibar), Sogard3 (lowdeck wheel nodes), Kast (tandem boxes and upgrades), SCS software (original model and parts)